Could This Be the Future of AI?

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Excuse me while I ask a crazy question: Are AI glasses the future of AI?

I think they could be.

Earlier this week, smart glasses maker Solos announced a partnership with OpenAI to integrate the new ChatGPT-4o AI model into a pair of “AI glasses” set to launch later this year.

Sounds crazy. I know. But the reported capabilities of these new glasses – dubbed the Solos AirGo Vision – are actually pretty cool. 

Broadly, the glasses will use AI to detect objects around you and answer questions about your surroundings. 

They should be able to tell you what you are looking at at any given moment, the nutrition facts of a particular food you are viewing, the details of your recent workout, how to make a smoothie with the ingredients you have in front of you, and more.

AI Glasses: Fad or Future?

Solos unveils AirGo Vision smart glasses with ChatGPT, Gemini and Claude  integration | Technology News - The Indian Express

The glasses essentially merge ChatGPT with the real world. They remove the barrier between the digital and physical worlds. 

And that’s why I think these “AI glasses” aren’t just a fad, but rather, the future form factor of AI. 

They take ChatGPT and make it useful in the real world. 

We use our eyes to observe the whole world. Imagine being able to just look at something and get real-time information on that thing from a personal AI assistant. 

That would be immensely valuable. 

Say, for example, you’re building a new furniture set. Imagine being able to pull up the instructions virtually on your AI glasses and then have your personal AI assistant correct you when you’re doing something wrong. 

Or, let’s say you’ve just started a new diet and you’re now grocery shopping for that diet. Imagine being able to walk through the grocery store with your AI glasses, view each item, and have your personal AI assistant tell you whether or not that item “fits” in your new diet.

In the workplace, AI glasses will be immensely valuable in warehouses. You will be able to walk into a factory and immediately access real-time inventory levels, product specs, and more. They will also be valuable in healthcare, where surgeons can use AI glasses to overlay vital patient information during procedures.

AI glasses have the potential to change the world.

The Final Word

Laugh at them all you want. I think they’re going to change the world over the next decade as much as the iPhone changed the world over the past decade. 

Maybe that’s why Apple (AAPL) itself is investing big into virtual reality technologies. Maybe that’s also why Meta (META) continues to bet big on VR, too. 

At some point in the near future, a company is going to figure out how to beautifully marry AI and VR into a powerful blended experience that changes the world. 

That company will be the world’s first $10 trillion company. 

Will it be Apple? Will it be Meta? Or someone else?

Frankly, it is too early to tell – but it is not too early to invest in the emerging AI Boom. 

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