Beyond Biotech: 3 Companies Breaking Ground in the Longevity Space

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Often longevity stocks are associated with biotech stocks that advance medical science to improve human lifespan. And, the vast majority of longevity-focused content centers around biotech applications.

But that outsized emphasis on biotech in longevity misses the forest for the trees. Beyond biotech, a range of anti-aging stocks and longevity-focused companies aim to extend human lifespan. While offering an alternative to biotech stocks for longevity investors, there’s additional upside for consumers. Most (if not all) of these companies have commercially available products on shelves today. They may help improve your health or lifespan rather than having to wait for the next big biotech discovery. Let’s discover three such longevity stocks.

Foxo Technologies (FOXO)

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First, Foxo Technologies (NYSEAMERICAN:FOXO) stands alone within the wider longevity market. Though the company uses applied biotechnology – epigenetic testing – its productization is particularly unique.

Epigenetics is a way to measure environmental and aging effects on your genes. FOXO uses a handful of epigenetic biomarkers to assess individual epigenetic clocks. Then they measure the rate of aging and associated risk of all-cause mortality.

The company’s innovation is delivering that testing to the insurance industry to help underwrite policy with greater accuracy. And, it offers policyholders a glimpse into their genetic aging profile in a bid to improve their lifespan. Additionally, FOXO leverages epigenetic biomarkers to pin down other insurance nuances.

The company performed one study detailing smoking’s effect on twin aging. Results demonstrate Foxo’s ability to assist companies to accurately gauge tobacco use and, ultimately, prevent insurance fraud. Also, Foxo Technologies uses AI to drive predictive modeling, improve customer longevity outcomes, and help insurance firms manage policies.

A caveat for investors is that FOXO trades deep within penny stock territory and remains perennially unprofitable. From some perspectives, though, the company’s unique position at the intersection of longevity research and commercial insurance is ahead of its time.

Garmin Ltd (GRMN)

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Health-focused wearables are a staple of self-guided longevity improvement. Among the many companies offering health tracker wearables, few beat Garmin Ltd (NYSE:GRMN).

Garmin’s range of wearables helps lifespan improvers monitor and track changes to heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration, VO2, and a range of fitness metrics. As the saying goes, you can’t change what you don’t measure. Garmin’s range of wearables is an important inroad to democratizing longevity. Specifically, it lets consumers test and tweak protocols to determine best alignments with lifestyle and genetics.

From an investment perspective, Garmin’s wide-ranging product lines – encompassing aviation, marine applications, and more – help diversify its revenue streams. True, standard advice generally recommends focusing on a narrow niche or sector. However, Garmin’s success in soliciting a range of client types is the exception proving the rule. Also, it helps GRMN’s shield against downturns in a customer segment, (like military aviation customers), keeping sales steady even if inflation slows regular consumer spending.

Masco Corp (MAS)

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Sauna use is one of the few widely accepted longevity protocols that seem to benefit nearly everyone using them. In one study, frequent sauna use was associated with lower stroke and cardiovascular disease incidents.

Unfortunately, from an investment perspective, few options exist to capitalize on the at-home sauna trend. In fact, the only publicly tradable company is Masco Corp (NYSE:MAS) for investing in sauna longevity potential.

Also, MAS owns and operates a range of home improvement, furnishing, and appliance brands. Its product segments span lighting, paint, plumbing, cabinetry, and more. But, the company recently unveiled plans to secure the new consumer segment of at-home saunas. Masco Corp, through its subsidiary Watkins Wellness, is in final stages of acquiring Sauna360, one of the few global sauna manufacturers. Therefore, MAS investors can access the emerging world where sauna meets longevity enthusiasm. And of course, it allows for diversifying a portfolio with Masco’s other wide-ranging, largely recession-proof offerings.

On the date of publication, Jeremy Flint held no positions in the securities mentioned. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the Publishing Guidelines.

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