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A subtle revolution brews within lesser-known entities in a labyrinth of the tech sector, where giants often steal the limelight. Imagine a world where your browser intuitively adapts to your preferences or a data center’s efficiency doubles while reducing energy consumption. This narrative isn’t a distant dream but the reality of the three overlooked stocks with 10X growth potential.

Beyond the echoes of NASDAQ titans, these companies weave a strategy teeming with promising advancements. This article explores these unsung heroes, from the first game-changing AI-driven browser enhancements to the second paradigm-shifting liquid-cooling solutions and the third semiconductor prowess amid global market shifts.

Read more to learn the clandestine fundamentals fueling these overlooked stocks’ exponential growth. Overall, this is proof that within the shadows lies brilliance that can outshine the giants.

Opera (OPRA)

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Aria, Opera’s (NASDAQ:OPRA) browser AI, stands as a strategic initiative with the potential to revolutionize user experiences and drive engagement. The implementation of Aria across different browser versions (Opera for iOS and Opera GX) facilitated the adoption of exciting new features by a significant user segment. For instance, Opera GX demonstrated impressive growth in user base and average revenue per user (ARPU) in Q3 2023. It does so with a 10% sequential increase in monthly active users (MAU) to 26 million and a 16% sequential growth in ARPU (23% year-over-year).

Fundamentally, Aria can enhance user interaction, provide up-to-date information and facilitate content creation. These capabilities align with Opera’s goal of delivering personalized and enriched experiences. The AI’s ability to generate increased search queries and page views indicates positive user reception and engagement. Hence, Opera’s emphasis on AI-driven enhancements benefits the user experience and positions the company for improved monetization through informed recommendations and broader context awareness.

On the other hand, Opera ads serve as a crucial enabler of revenue growth. They offer an expansive online advertising platform connecting with partner inventories, reaching millions of users globally. The platform’s real-time bidding capabilities and partnership networks enable advertisers to maximize campaign performance and engage target audiences effectively.

In detail, the substantial volume of ad requests, reaching 3.8 million at peak times, solidifies Opera’s position as a significant player in the online advertising domain. Furthermore, the platform’s appeal to major advertisers, demand-side platforms (DSPs), agencies and global partners showcases Opera’s ability to cater to diverse advertising needs and drive revenue through ad monetization.

Overall, Opera’s AI and advertising technology highlight the company’s strengths in user engagement and delivering advertising solutions with extensive reach. Lastly, the company is also benefiting from effectively monetizing its user base and offering a robust platform for advertisers.

Super Micro (SMCI)

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The primary growth driver for Super Micro (NASDAQ:SMCI) is the increased demand for leading AI platforms. The LLM-optimized NVIDIA HGX-H100 solutions experienced solid demand during Q1 fiscal 2024. The focus on AI-optimized solutions aligns with the growing demand for AI workloads across industries.

Fundamentally, introducing direct-attached cold-plate liquid-cooling (DLC) solutions is another significant move. This addresses concerns about energy costs, power grid constraints, and thermal challenges associated with new GPU infrastructures. Customers leveraging Super Micro’s DLC solution could double their data center AI computing capacity due to its lower system power requirements, reduced power usage effectiveness (PUE) and higher computing density per cluster.

Additionally, there is a proactive approach to expanding validation and production facilities. In particular, a plan is to complete a dedicated capacity for manufacturing 100-kilowatt racks with liquid-cooling capabilities, highlighting the company’s preparedness to meet escalating demand. Also, expanding facilities near the Silicon Valley headquarters and planning a new manufacturing campus in North America signifies Super Micro’s aim at expansion.

Remarkably, with plans to surpass the current 4K racks per month, the company is gearing up to handle escalating demand and secure a stronger market position. Hence, scaling up production capacity to 5K racks per month reflects Super Micro’s ability to capitalize on market demand efficiently and promptly.

Finally, at its core, the company is operating at a 60% utilization rate, suggesting untapped capacity. This factor enables Super Micro to scale its operations without proportionate cost increments. Hence, this operational efficiency increases production capacity without significantly elevating costs, contributing to potential margin improvement.

ACM Research (ACMR)

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ACM Research’s (NASDAQ:ACMR) exceptional revenue growth amidst a global decline in WFE spending underscores its ability to gain market share. The growth also suggests an effective penetration of new markets and product segments. Notably, the 26% year-over-year increase in Q3 revenue reflects its robust strategy. This strategy targets solid market positioning, product diversification, and geographic expansion. Thus, the 38% revenue growth over the first nine months of 2023 represents ACM’s strong performance over an extended period.

Additionally, ACM Research’s product line growth rates reveal the strength and diversity of its portfolio. There is robust growth in single wafer cleaning, Tahoe, and semi-critical cleaning products by 33% in Q3 and 42% year-to-date. This growth suggests strong market demand and acceptance for these offerings. Hence, this growth indicates ACM’s proficiency in addressing specific demands for advanced cleaning solutions.

Similarly, there is a growth in electrochemical plating (ECP), furnaces, and other technology by 4% in Q3 and 24% year-to-date, alongside the 12% growth in advanced packaging, excluding ECP. This growth highlights ACM’s leads in different product categories. Expanding these segments also represents ACM’s ability to innovate across various technological domains. The company is establishing a competitive edge in both existing and emerging markets.

Fundamentally, ACM Research’s significant investments in expanding its facilities across China, Korea and the United States simultaneously demonstrate its aim of expansion and local market penetration. China’s Lingang production and R&D center construction demonstrate ACM’s intent to fortify its presence in a crucial semiconductor manufacturing region. 

Overall, this investment provides an edge to ACM’s strategic progression in China’s semiconductor capacity expansion plan. This plan positions the company as a significant player in China’s growth trajectory.

As of this writing, Yiannis Zourmpanos held a long position in ACMR. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the InvestorPlace.com Publishing Guidelines.

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